Non-traditional data sources in demography

Monica Alexander, University of Toronto

This website contains links to materials for the DemoPop workshop given (remotely) at Cedeplar in April 2022.

Set-up and intro

If you want to follow along during the workshop, you will need to get a Twitter account. This is required to authenticate your requests for Twitter data. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up here:

This R script covers the main things you need, which may be useful to run as a check: 0_setup.R.

Intro and overview slides

Module 1: Extracting Twitter data

Intro to extracting data from Twitter using the rtweet package.

RMarkdown file is here.

Module 2: Text analysis on Demography articles

Intro to webscraping using rvest and text analysis using tidytext.

Rmarkdown file is here.